Live-in Alcohol and Drug Detox, Mental Healthcare and Dementia Care

Brevin Homecare are delighted to announce we are now recruiting RMNs, and RGNs with Mental Health experience, to work in community-based Private Health

Who We Need | Salary | Qualifications | Skills and Experience

Agency Nursing, but not as you know it! Brevin Homecare has a emphasis on in-home client and family support. We are looking for Nurses that have the skills and experience to provide excellent short- and long-term care.

The client’s needs can range from a visit of 4 hours to a live-in placement of 4 months or more.

Who We Need:

Private ResidenceWe are primarily looking for Nurses to work in the South East of England. However it is possible that we may need to provide services outside of the UK from time to time. A valid passport will provide greater opportunities for your placements.

We are actively expanding our services and, as well as our existing UK-based work, we are anticipating an arrangement to supply Nurses to Abu Dhabi in the very near future.

We are currently looking for RMNs & RGNs to work in the following areas:

  • Live-in Mental Health working autonimously with direct support from our Psychiatric Consultant.
  • Long-term dementia support as part of a shifted community team or a live-in role with Consultant level support.
  • Live-in supervised alcohol and drug detox actively working with our Consultant Psychiatrist.

London TownhouseSalary

Up to £50/hr up to £75,000/yr


  • RMN/RN (Mental Health)
  • RGN/RN (Adult Health)

Preferred but not essential:

Adjunct skills with appropriate certfification and experience e.g.

  • Reflexology
  • Advanced Relaxation Skills
  • Counselling
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

Experience and Skills


  • Three or more years practice in a Mental Health Nursing or equivalent environment
    • For an RGN an acceptable equivalent might be A&E
  • Show evidence of the ability to work autonomously with remote support
  • Show situation awareness and an understanding when interventional support is required
  • Assessment skills
    • Risk assessment
    • Ongoing care-planning
  • Confidence to appropriately take control of situations when required

Preferred but not essential:

  • Experience working in home/community setting
  • Reputation and situation management

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