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We are actively seeking interest from those Registered Nurses who already have current Nursing registration in Australia

Have you been before and wish to return, or have you already started the process of migration to the land down under?

Finding a job for you

Australia offers opportunities for Registered Nurses across all disciplines and there are currently thousands of posts waiting for nurses just like you. Using the information you supply we will hunt down the right job for you.

Inspired Options works with a placement agency to assist you in finding the job that;

  • Fits with  your skills,

  • Places you in the location of your choice, (where possible)

  • Meets the specific needs of you  (and your family), and

  • Provides career opportunities for the future.

Your consultant will provide you with one on one assessment to Surfing in Australiaidentify opportunities available to you in Australia start by contacting us now to find out more.

We also are able to provide you with access to a virtual relocation tool that will assist you in planning the move and assisting the process to run smoothly

Other Services

  • Locate suitable employment

  • Provide financial including pension fund advice

  • Relocation assistance

  • Assistance with housing issues both in the UK (what you leave behind) and property experts in Australia

NHS Pensions and Migrating to Australia

A life in Australia can be very appealing: the relaxed lifestyle along with the surf, sun and sand. After a few years in the NHS you start to Come nursing in Australiabuilda significant pension and as a nurse, doctor and other healthcare professional, this may be a significant issue.

You may have been advised that when you leave the UK your benefits are frozen and should be left where they are until you retire at which time you can then apply for a pension which will hopefully continue to be indexed to inflation.

The UK Pension System

In the UK, when you retire, you can access up to 25% of your accumulated pension funds as a tax free lump sum but you will then pay tax on your pension income for the rest of your life and will not be able to access any further funds should the need arise.

On your death, your spouse will receive a 50% pension till his or her death at which time the remaining benefits are absorbed back into the scheme leaving nothing to be passed onto your children.

The Australian Pension System

Make the most of your future in AustraliaThe Australian pension system is much more flexible than the UKs. You could, if you wanted to, take out 100% of your pension as a lump sum on retirement. Although you could it is unlikely that you would, as you receive your pension tax free. You can also access additional lump sums from time to time which in retirement will still be tax free.

On your death 100% of the benefit is passed to your spouse tax free. Likewise on their death 100% of the benefit is passed onto your children tax free.

If you migrate to Australia your options could include:

  • Transferring your accumulated NHS pension benefits to an Australian Superannuation fund

  • A living a tax retirement as well as having the benefits to pass on to children after your death

There will be some instances where the benefits of leaving the funds in the UK will exceed the benefits of transferring but there are still numerous risks attached to such an outcome, currency fluctuations being a major one.

If you would like to be put in touch with a financial consultant in Australia who can advise you on your individual circumstances please let us know.Contact Inspired Options about your next Nursing job in Australia


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Get more information about 40 Senior Midwife jobs developing a midwife-led delivery service in Qatar